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Free Speech and Human Rights in the UAE

World Report 2017: United Arab Emirates
January 2017 Human Rights Watch report on human rights abuses in the UAE

UAE: Torture and Forced Disappearances
January 2016 Human Rights Watch article on the draconian crackdown of government critics in the UAE

"I Already Bought You": Abuse and Exploitation of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates
2014 Human Rights Watch report

Time to Take Action for Women in the United Arab Emirates
2015 Human Rights Watch article

Art and hypocrisy in the Gulf
2015 New York Times article by Human Rights Watch Middle East Researcher Nicholas McGeehan on how arts sponsorship and human rights abuses in the UAE

“There is No Freedom Here”: Silencing dissent in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
2014 Amnesty International Report on the suppression of free speech in the UAE

Amnesty International Report 2016/17: United Arab Emirates
The UAE section of Amnesty's latest report on the state of the the world's human rights

Repression and injustice in the United Arab Emirates
2014 Amnesty International article outlining Amnesty’s concerns about free speech and human rights issues in the UAE

International Campaign for Freedom in the UAE
The International Campaign for Freedom in the UAE (ICFUAE) is a London-based campaign that highlights human rights abuses and supports democratic reform in the UAE

United Arab Emirates: Freedom of expression must be protected
Published as the 2016 literature festival drew to a close, this open letter from English PEN and Human Rights Watch to UAE Prime Minister and festival patron Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum calls upon the UAE to "take immediate steps to reverse its aggressive assault on critical thought and free speech".

UAE imprisoning rape victims under extramarital sex laws – investigation
October 2015 Guardian article on a BBC Arabic investigation which suggests that hundreds of female rape victims are being imprisoned in the UAE every year under laws outlawing extramarital sex.

If you're shocked by a woman being arrested after reporting gang-rape in Dubai, you should know how common these cases are
November 2016 article following the arrest, for breaking extra-marital sex laws, of a 25-year-old British woman after she reported having been gang-raped by two British men in a Dubai hotel.

UAE: Dozens of detained British nationals complain of torture and mistreatment
March 2016 International Business Times Article highlighting the torture and mistreatment of UK holidaymakers and expats in the UAE. Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter suggests that lucrative arms deals and ties to ruling families are dampening the UK government's response to human rights abuses within the region.

Stop the charade and release activists convicted at the mass UAE 94 trial

2015 Index on Censorship article calling on the UAE government to release the “UAE 94” activists imprisoned for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression and association.

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature: Promoting Literature in Dubai?
March 2016 blog post highlighting the incongruity of the UAE government encouraging visiting authors to speak freely while suppressing free speech among its own citizens. Shez Cassim is a US citizen arrested and imprisoned by the UAE government for posting a mockumentary-style comedy sketch about Dubai teenagers on YouTube.

Jennifer Aniston attacked for becoming face of ‘homophobic’ airline
August 2015 Pink News article highlighting the Association of Professional Flight Attendants' concerns about Emirates Airline discriminating against women and gay employees.

United Arab Emirates LGBTI Resources
The Rights in Exile Programme's guidance on LGBTI rights in UAE

Homosexuality in the UAE
Detained in Dubai is a London-based not-for-profit organisation specialising in UAE civil and criminal justice. This page of their site features articles and case studies relating to the prosecution of homosexuality in the UAE.

Aviation and Climate Change

What has climate change got to do with human rights?

2015 Amnesty article by Savio Carvalho, Amnesty’s Senior Advisor on International Development and Human Rights, explaining how climate change is directly linked to human rights.

Aviation Q&A: the impact of flying on the environment
2010 Guardian article presenting a good overview of the harmful effects of aviation on the environment.

Key Aviation and Climate Change Facts
The Aviation and Environment Federation (AEF) is a UK based organisation campaigning for aviation’s impacts on people and the environment to be brought within sustainable limits.

Excluding aviation and shipping emissions from COP deal makes 2°C limit close to impossible
December 2015 Transport & Environment press release in response to the dropping of aviation and shipping emissions from the Paris climate agreement. Transport & Environment is Europe's leading NGO campaigning for cleaner transport.

Shipping and aviation are climate change's main culprits, but were nowhere to be seen at Paris
December 2015 Independent article by UCL Energy and Transport Expert Tristan Smith in response to the "reality gap" in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Flying in the Face of Fairness: Intergenerational Inequities in the Taxation of Air Travel
2012 Intergenerational Foundation report detailing how the UK government effectively subsidises the aviation industry, keeping the cost of flying artificially low to the detriment of future generations.

A Free Ride Campaign
UK citizens fly more than the people of another nation (twice as much as US citizens). However just 15% of the UK population are responsible for 70% of UK flights. The A Free Ride campaign proposes a frequent flyer levy to reduce the impact of UK flyers on climate change.

Key Facts on Airport Expansion
2015 Greenpeace article in response to the proposed third runway at Heathrow.

Airport Watch
Umbrella group of NGOs and other organisations opposed to the unsustainable, environmentally damaging growth of aviation in the UK.

National Energy Foundation Carbon Calculator
Calculate and compare CO2 emissions generated by flights and other types of energy consumption based upon up-to-date conversion factors provided by the UK Government's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.